Our DISCiples Summer Love-In: Leadership
Aug 20, 2021
our leadership team disciples

All businesses have leaders. People in positions where they make decisions, delegate, and ensure that their employees are engaged through communication and teamwork in order to increase productivity. Business leaders rely on their employees to do the work they’re given to industry standards. However, it is their responsibility to lead and encourage their team to stay motivated to achieve their company’s goals.

According to Tony Robbins “You don’t have to be a CEO, manager or even a team lead to be a leader. Leadership is a set of skills – and a certain psychology – that anyone can master.”

Our DISCiple Leadership Team are experts in their field and they each recognise that DISC is an essential tool for anyone in a leadership role or seeking to succeed as a leader. Our DISCiples use DISC with their clients as a tool to encourage teamship, improve communication and productivity.

Susanne Samuel founder of Hillingdon HR actively supports SMEs and business leaders: “DISC is a fantastic tool that can tailor business leader’s HR solutions to deliver effectiveness, communication and leadership.”

NSP HR Solutions Ltd founder Nicola Perkins FCIPD uses her values Nurture, Strengthen, and Protect to empower leadership teams to create a positive and inclusive work environment. “I find DISC incredibly useful to help promote insight, knowledge, and awareness to enhance leadership and team effectiveness.”

Thierry Mazué uses DISC in his work as a Client Developer for Authentic Entrepreneurs where he provides empowering coaching sessions and helps his clients discover and resolve problems. “I love DISC. Everything about it helps me work with my clients and I am able to help leaders feel better and be no longer stressed but energised to overcome their challenges.”

Director of Ad Ingenium, Carly Brunsden uses DISC and her years of experience in operational sales, leadership, and key client account management to help provide pragmatic and customised support to her clients. “DISC is amazing and can be used to help business leaders grow and achieve their business goals.”

If you are a people development expert, independent consultant or coach and would like to benefit from a like-minded and supportive network of people get in touch at discover@discsimple.com to find out how you can become a partner.  

To learn more about the DISC tool and how you can learn to identify different DISC styles. Come along to one of our free lunchtime sessions. They are full of powerful insight into the world of Everything DiSC® (part of the Wiley group) and in just 30 minutes you will learn something! We run a learning session every Monday and a Pro session for professionals already working with DISC every other Thursday.