Our DISCiples Summer Love-In: HR
Aug 13, 2021
Our Lovely HR Disciple Team

In every business, it is the people that form the heart of the organisation. Without its people, your company would not function. Whether it’s answering your emails, selling to a customer, or producing your next product, a business works because of its people. If your people are unhappy and not looked after, it can be catastrophic for your business. 

A business can improve its workplace culture, communication, and productivity by investing in its people. DISC can be used to identify and build an understanding of your employee’s behavioural style which will assist any HR department in supporting their health and wellbeing as well as offering paths for career growth. Those using DISC are able to understand the way the members of their team work and the most efficient way of communicating with people in their business. 

Here at DISCsimple we have a team of HR experts who use the tool to bring practical results to a broad client base. We want to celebrate those HR professionals who form an integral part of our community. 

Colmers HR Director Chris Sheppard has been using DISC for many years and chooses it over alternatives for its simplicity and practical application: “DISC is one of the easiest tools to use and quickest to understand. There is no technical language or jargon – it’s a simple initial concept, is presented in plain English and everyone ‘gets’ it.”

Alison Clegg, Director & founder of Highridge HR Consultancy says “DISC is a brilliant tool that can be used to improve communication, leadership, and productivity! I have used it to help my clients ‘know’ their people through its simple and easy use.” 

Lucy Warman, founder of Surge Ahead believes in using DISC to transform the atmosphere in a workplace. “When you use a tool like DISC, in an organisation, it encourages people to think about themselves and others on a level that inspires understanding, promotes teamwork and drives collaboration. It can completely change the way people interact with each other.” 

When you become a DISCiple, you join a community of like-minded professionals who really do their best to support you in your business. “I have used DISC to help businesses solve challenges when it comes to their people. Sarah and her team at DISCsimple have been incredible in their support of my business and have been instrumental in the work I do with my clients.” Maria Millward, MD HR Overload

Ryan Sheppard is one of our newest DISCiples and they are excited to see the real-world application in their life and clients respectively. “I can see the benefit of applying DISC principles and learning in every aspect of the HR cycle – recruitment, appraisals, disciplinaries and more.” 

If you are a people development expert, independent consultant or coach and would like to benefit from a like-minded and supportive network of people get in touch at discover@discsimple.com to find out how you can become a partner.  

To learn more about the DISC tool and how you can learn to identify different DISC styles. Come along to one of our free lunchtime sessions. They are full of powerful insight into the world of Everything DiSC® (part of the Wiley group) and in just 30 minutes you will learn something! We run a learning session every Monday and a Pro session for professionals already working with DISC every other Thursday.