Our DISCiples

Everything DiSC® products are used extensively with our clients across Europe.

Our strength as an organisation lies in an expert team at HQ supporting a large team of professional consultants and advisors who use DISC within their own specialism as a tool to help their clients.

This team has been selected based on reputation, competency and specialism.

They are experienced in the field of DISC and the use of the tool to bring practical results to a broad client base.

So, along with the right products, we are proud to provide you with the right expertise to apply the knowledge.

To find out more, see our Become a DISCiple page, or call on 01558 821123.

Excellent (10/10)

   What Our Clients Say

Great product

Hazel Walker

This is one of the best systems I have had the opportunity to use! I love the reports and the variety that is available for myself and my clients. Thanks!

A Revelation

Andy Bounds

I love DISCsimple. It’s has helped me have better relationships with the people that matter. A revelation’

Very Worthwhile

Chris Sheppard

It’s an easy to use system, providing clear jargon free reports. Being able to offer a range of reports certainly is a benefit to my clients.