Our DISCiples

Everything DiSC® products are used extensively with our clients across Europe.

Our strength as an organisation lies in an expert team at HQ supporting a large team of professional consultants and advisors who use DISC within their own specialism as a tool to help their clients.

This team has been selected based on reputation, competency and specialism.

They are experienced in the field of DISC and the use of the tool to bring practical results to a broad client base.

So, along with the right products, we are proud to provide you with the right expertise to apply the knowledge.

To find out more, see our Become a DISCiple page, or call on 01558 821123.

Sarah Owen

Founder & Director

Sarah helps people to learn and use the language of DISC using a very simple approach. Over the past fifteen years, Sarah has worked with thousands of business owners and executives teaching them how to acquire clients’ by referral.

As a best-selling author, she’s been embraced by thousands of professionals around the world for her in-depth knowledge of how behaviour can impact business relationships.

E: sarah@discsimple.com

Tel: 01558 821 123

Kim Jones

Kim has enjoyed a long and successful career as a Strategic Advisor. She is an award-winning mentor and focuses on enabling our team to deliver strategic change through innovation.

Kim’s determined and intelligent approach is key to our business success and therefore the success of our clients.

Dave Inglis

Dave has been producing films for businesses for five years and has made hundreds of films to help solve his clients’ needs. Dave is a valuable member of the DISCsimple team in his role as Director of Film.

Gadget Line is commissioned to produce all the educational short video support material for DISCsimple and drives an innovative production to help users of DISCsimple to embed their learning. Dave uses his Degree in Documentary Film & Television along with his marketing experience to really understand what a business needs when it comes to their video marketing.

Liz Norton

Liz Norton, PhD, is an expert trainer and speaker in the area of public speaking and communication, as well as an experienced copywriter.

She holds a PhD from the University of Kent at Canterbury and is the author of the book Step Back, Move Forward – How Changing Your Perspective Can Change Your Life.

Liz is an accomplished DISC trainer and coach.

Emma Campbell

With over fifteen years experience in small business and start-ups, Emma specialises in identifying and unblocking the barriers that hold businesses back.

Her passion is to promote how connection and understanding can change the face of any situation, and uses DiSC to empower clients to improve their communication, productivity and teamwork.

Mark Jarvis

Mark works with Teams so they can integrate and communicate more effectively to reach their goals, he works with Partners so they can achieve truly profitable partnerships, and he works with individuals to help them build great communication into their referral marketing strategy.

Mark has started, built and sold a very successful design agency, and for the last 5 years, he has worked with a global franchise that specialises in creating local networks.

Mark has helped hundreds of local businesses generate millions of pounds-worth of businesses by helping them build a sustainable referral marketing strategy.

Mark helps his clients become truly referable by building trust in their network.

Peter Quintana

Peter helps ambitious people build smarter businesses by putting in strong foundations to achieve rapid growth. He gets really excited by new thinking and new ways of working and is an accomplished expert in the topic of DISC and working with leaders to rapidly grow their businesses.

His qualifications, international experience and practical know-how are a source of incisive thinking and ideas to make ambitious goals achievable. Peter has also worked hard to develop the most productive relationships, listening hard, challenging gently and providing a wise voice that enables clients to make game-changing decisions and to work in highly productive teams.

Peter has sector experience in Software, Financial Services and Marketing.

Chris Barton

Chris Barton, BSc, specialises as a Human Behaviour Coach. He is an accomplished coach and trainer using DISC in an interesting and useful way to support his clients’ strategies to manage and improve their health and wellbeing.

Through bespoke, in-house training, Chris helps growth-focused business people discover their own behavioural style, and learn how to correctly identify others’ styles, giving them the tools they need to build relationships to build their business by improving their communication skills, staff retention, productivity and teamwork.

Chris’s regular workshops show you how changing your behaviour can change your outcome or life and how to make achieving ambitious goals a lot simpler.

Chris Sheppard

Chris is a leading HR consultant.

She uses DISC to help her clients manage successful relationships, for selection and career development, managing conflict and appraisal.

Chris delivers the right solution at the right time and mixes a direct approach with a genuine desire to help people create successful relationships in their workplace.

In her role of HR, she has to support clients with a range of sticky situations and, to develop a proactive approach to avoid them, she uses DISC with great intelligence and insight to benefit the success of her clients.

Jeremy Marchant

Jeremy’s fundamental belief is that businesses are not, contrary to accepted wisdom, “just people”. They are the totality of the relationships between people.

To be even moderately successful in business, we have to be knowledgeable about others. Jeremy uses a range of emotional intelligence models compatible with DISC to help people gain insights into themselves and the people they work with.

His background is in IT project management and consultancy with corporates. However, the past fifteen years have been spent as a coach, mentor and trainer with small businesses and small teams.

One of his favourite sayings is “Man stands in his own shadow and wonders why it is dark”. On the whole, we make our own problems at work and it is Jeremy’s mission to help people step into the light of understanding.

Excellent (10/10)

   What Our Clients Say

Great product

Hazel Walker

This is one of the best systems I have had the opportunity to use! I love the reports and the variety that is available for myself and my clients. Thanks!

A Revelation

Andy Bounds

I love DISCsimple. It’s has helped me have better relationships with the people that matter. A revelation’

Very Worthwhile

Chris Sheppard

It’s an easy to use system, providing clear jargon free reports. Being able to offer a range of reports certainly is a benefit to my clients.