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DISCsimple’s Partners

We are pleased to promote other organisations that improve communication, productivity, teamwork.

We strongly recommend these partners and urge you to reach out to them.

People are the Key, Andy Bounds, High Growth Knowledge Company, Black Star Solutions, Vocacio.

Blackstar Solutions

Blackstar Solutions is a trusted telecoms provider who deliver best-of-breed business communication solutions. Our technical expertise is matched by our passion for delivering the highest quality solutions and support services.

At Blackstar, we pride ourselves on having long-established customer relationships. Our 5-star Trustpilot rating speaks volumes for a positive experience and our customer-first approach.

We believe a company is only as good as its people. As part of our team’s development, we regularly use DiSC and work with DISCsimple as our provider. This has helped us understand how to effectively communicate with fellow team members, suppliers, clients and prospects.

DISCsimple has also provided useful insights into how people work, and we’ve discovered ways to build successful work relationships.

It will help us to continue our long-established relationships with our stakeholders

Andy Bounds

DISC is a language that helps you to improve communication with others.

You know by now that we love to keep things simple!

There are millions of books and learning tools you can invest in to help you improve your results.

We have not found anyone in the market-place who can communicate with the simple precision of Andy Bounds. Best-selling author of the Jelly Effect, Snowball Effect and Top Dog, Andy is a world class keynote speaker and award winning trainer.

One of the best resources we have is Andy’s set of videos to help you get the knowledge you need when you need it so, in small bursts, you can watch the most relevant video to a situation you are facing. Invest in these videos – they are one of the best business tools for all the behavioural styles.

Click here for Andy Bounds’ Videos.

High Growth Knowledge Company

The High Growth Knowledge Company delivers expert management consultancy and advice to ambitious people, who expect measurable results.

Their clients are:

– award-winning and successful businesses
– delivering measurable results and reaching their goals faster
– learning what it takes to transform their businesses

Jeremy Marchant

Jeremy’s fundamental belief is that businesses are simply the totality of the relationships between the people in the business, and between them and everyone else who is, or may be, a stakeholder.

So, a business’s performance is directly correlated with people’s success in work relationships.  We have to understand others. Jeremy uses a range of psychology models compatible with DiSC to help people gain insights into themselves and the people they work with.

His background is in IT project management and consultancy with corporates. However, the past fifteen years have been spent as a coach, mentor and trainer with small businesses and small teams.

Jeremy’s particular role within DiSCsimple is to assist DISCiples in two areas.  Firstly, to coach and mentor those who want to build their people development offering.  Secondly, to help DISCiples deepen their understanding of psychology generally, so that they can work more effectively with clients and colleagues.

Click here for Jeremy Marchant’s videos on emotional intelligence

Click here for Jeremy Marchant’s podcasts on networking and business development


Vocacio started with a vision to build a truly people over profit recruitment business, valuing collaboration, innovation & technology.

They have reinvented the way recruitment can be done & aim to arm people-focused businesses with the right talent.

“As a team at Vocacio, each of us strive to be understood.
We recognise the importance of communication to a growing start-up business.

One tool we use to improve both communication and our understanding of each other is DISC.

DISC is an advanced form of behavioural analysis…

…There are many different styles of personality testing and DISC is the method that we feel best works for our business.”

Check out why they use DISC here.

Excellent (10/10)

   What Our Clients Say

Thanks to you guys for your super service!

Rated 4 out of 5
16th December 2022

We have been using DISCsimple for both our Recruitment arm as well as for our Coaching. The need for swiftly receiving a DISC/EQ profile report into our hands is crucial for our customers needs and the work that we do with them. Alex and Suzi have been brilliant in facilitating this for us. Thanks for this great service (and the profile reports have been excellent too!).

Neil Osment

Supportive network who are transparent and delightful to work with

Rated 5 out of 5
10th August 2021

I met Sarah Owen when I was considering setting up my own wellness consultancy, Unshakable Resilience and signed up quickly in becoming a DISC partner. I had some understanding of these communication tools so I knew what I had signed up for. Learning DISC has the power to help with team communication, engagement, collaboration and cultural transition. However this company is such a breath of fresh air to work with. Straightforward, clear and simple. They are transparent and supportive and really wrap their arms around giving you the tools so you can utilise them in the best way possible for your clients. Being an entrepreneur can be a tough and lonely journey but it’s so reassuring to know there are team members who I can call upon when I get stuck.

Thank you to the DISC team for your continuing partnership and support.

Much appreciated

Krish 🙂


Supportive and Engaging

Rated 5 out of 5
10th May 2021

Disc is a tool.

DiscSimple is a company.

The Team of Sarah, Em and Suzi bring the vision to life.

Engaging, friendly and supportive with a passionate desire and zeal to help associates develop their businesses in a strategic manner , with an emphasis on the quality of the customer experience.

Nice people to do business with!

Anthony Munday