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Feeling overwhelmed, running all day and checking nothing off your to-do list is not a fun way to live. I work with your DiSC style and habits as foundations to improve your productivity in a non-judgmental way.

How can I help you?
If you are out of control before your first cup of coffee, I can help tame the daily flurry of tasks, emails, family, texts, interruptions and overwhelm in general. Stop wasting time and start being productive so you can invest time in what matters most to you.

There are 2 parts to our coaching at Productivity Uncorked. As a productivity coach, I’m the first part and I help create capacity in your day. Michelle Donovan is our referral/ business coach, who then fills that newly found time with tools and processes to build your business strategically. As our client, you have access to both of us when needed. It’s what we call the one-two punch!

How I work:
We’ll talk twice a month on the phone and start with a conversation to further understand your productivity goals, as well as the opportunities and obstacles that impact your effectiveness. I tune in to hearing what you are saying and what you are NOT saying. Our coaching is designed to create capacity in your day and life to do the things you want to do and eliminate what you don’t.

If you struggle with planning your day, creating boundaries, prioritizing your tasks (or capturing them all in one place), distractions, saying no, completing tasks, managing your inbox/calls/texts, brain clutter, procrastination, disorganization, perfectionism, disorganization, self-care, delegating, decision-making, sleep, technology or meeting expectations, I can help…let’s talk.

Interesting facts about me:
• I was a teaching golf professional for the LPGA

• I can ride a unicycle

• If I could get paid to read all day, that’s what I would do for a living!

Patty and Michelle offer a powerful 1-2 punch! After 15 years in the business, they provided me with skills that allow me to effectively run my business, instead of having it run me. Patty helped me create capacity in the branch, and Michelle helped me create a process to identify and attract the ideal clients. Kudos for that magical combination. 

Joellen Nelson

Financial Advisor, Edward Jones

Let me share the VALUE working with the Productivity Uncorked Team! I promoted production levels within 2 months of our working together and currently my production has seen a 22% increase year over year. I’m running a consistently profitable practice for the first time ever! My new asset growth is 16% and my pay is up over 23% year over year. Ultimately, my return on investment is 41%. But the best part is, I’m confident, I love where my practice is heading, and I’ve got time to serve a role on the leadership team that completely fulfils my values and my needs.

Katherine “Kat” Colvin

Edward Jones