Peter Quintana

Peter introduced us to DiSC Work of Leaders and we did a considerable amount of work looking at the way the senior leadership team – the directors, our practice manager, our head nurse, and some of the more senior vets – all work together. Profiling of the current team, as well as some potential new directors, enabled us to understand better the soft skills important to being a director. I think also crucially it enabled a better understanding of how we all differ in our characters and the way we work – our strengths and some of the challenges we all have – so that we could function better as a team, understand each other better, and work better together.


Julian Allen

Former Director, Friars Moor Veterinary Clinic

Peter helps ambitious people build smarter businesses by putting in strong foundations to achieve rapid growth. He gets really excited by new thinking and new ways of working and is an accomplished expert in the topic of DISC and working with leaders to rapidly grow their businesses.

His qualifications, international experience and practical know-how are a source of incisive thinking and ideas to make ambitious goals achievable. Peter has also worked hard to develop the most productive relationships, listening hard, challenging gently and providing a wise voice that enables clients to make game-changing decisions and to work in highly productive teams.

Peter has sector experience in Software, Financial Services and Marketing.