Peter Quintana

Di Style (Doer/Influencer)

DiSC profiling for leaders using AgileEQ

Exit planning – preparing you and your leadership team for the day you decide to move on to the next chapter in your life

Outcomes mapping – a unique approach to planning that will help you see everything you need to do to achieve your goals

Developing vision: purpose, values and BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal, aka your mission)

Typical of the D style, I am naturally direct and fast-paced. But I have learnt that other styles have their preferred approaches as well, so am able to moderate and modify my approach to the way you want to work. I place a lot of emphasis on collaboration, and love to work with others for mutual benefit.

How can I help you?
Leadership is about your mindset. Using AgileEQ, I will help you become more self-aware. Together we will identify ways you can stretch into areas that are not typical of your profile, to give you the confidence to improve the way you lead your people. Then we can work with your team on planning your business to achieve the best outcome for you and your people.

How I work:
Collaboratively – I am a facilitator and enabler. I introduce new ways of thinking and working to help you lead and run your business better.

Interesting facts about me:
• I get a real buzz from working with ambitious people
• I am excited by new ways of working
• You can always hear music in my house, usually jazz and blues
• I enjoy watching most sports, but rugby and cricket are my biggest passions – Bath, Essex and England, if you’re asking.

Peter delivered a series of excellent workshops and was able to tease out what Li Xie and I wanted to happen both personally and for the company’s future
Rob Harris

Director, Sino Manufacturing

Peter has opened our eyes to new ways of promoting our practice and helped us align our thinking


Julian Allen

Director, Friars Moor Veterinary Centre