An interactive workshop with comprehensive handouts and live practice sessions, the beginners’ PRESENTsimple course addresses the three basics of presentation: Anxiety, Stagecraft and Script writing. In particular, this course focuses on tailoring your content to the 4 DISC ‘styles’ in order to fully engage every member of your audience.

This is a face to face workshop, which lasts aprocimately 4 hours and is sat in classes of 5-10 people.


  • An understanding of your personal DISC style
  • A thorough knowledge of other styles and how you interact with them
  • The ability to spot people’s styles and use this knowledge accordingly
  • The opportunity to access further DISC porducts at a reduced fee (details given in the workshop)
  • Practical exercises to help you deal with pre-talk nerves
  • A list of tips and tricks to help you use body language and eye contact when presenting
  • Knowledge of vocal projection and exercises to help you speal more clearly
  • A ‘how to’ guide for writing short speeches and creating great content tailored to any or all of the 4 DISC styles
  • Feedback on your current style and the opportunity to take your skills to the next level


This course can be sat as a ‘one off’ or followed by an Advanced Public Speaking workshop. It can also be a precursor to one to one training or the procurement of additional DISC reports including Comparison and Productive Conflict reports, all at an extra cost.

PRESENTsimple is a subsidiary of DISCsimple and is provided by experienced DISCiples. If you are interested in this, or any of our other packages, please contact Sarah on or call her on her personal number 07778 746824.