Rachel Shaw

IS Style (Influencer/Supporter)

Rachel Shaw, Recruitment Consultant

Recruitment & Talent Attraction

I believe my approach is open and honest. Working in recruitment it is imperative for me to listen and understand my client and candidates needs. Working in an industry that is often viewed in a negative light, integrity and transparency are incredibly important to me. I believe in having fun along the way and like to think I am approachable with a good sense of humour.

How can I help you?
At Vocacio we utilise video in a truly unique way. We enable businesses to proactively engage with talent, showcasing their brand, mission and values through bespoke Digital Job Descriptions. This in turn allows us to match candidates and companies who are truly aligned.

How I work:
I work collaboratively with my clients, providing a fully account managed service and act as a true recruitment partner. I work with businesses to proactively understand their hiring needs in the short, medium and long term, and provide market insights.

As a DiSCiple I use DiSC with candidates at interview, enabling employers to understand someones style when interviewing. I also use DiSC with established teams to help businesses understand team dynamics and encourage insightful management and working.

Interesting facts about me:
• Before recruitment I was in hospitality for many years and am passionate about food & wine. I once flew to Girona for 1 night to eat at the then Number 1 restaurant in the world.
• I was in Melbourne when the pandemic hit and sadly had to return
• I spent a week in the Atacama dessert