refersimple is a consulting and coaching programme to help you develop your referral marketing strategy and activities in a sensible and simple way.  You will increase the results you gain from referral and will save you time in an otherwise complicated world

Experienced Consultants and Coaches operating as DISCsimple Associates (DISCiples!) will help you to consolidate your knowledge and activities to create real results.  Most businesses naturally attract prospects and clients through word of mouth, so imagine what can be achieved with a deeper understanding and a formal plan.

The content is simple to learn and the models are easy to apply to any size business.

Content Overview:

Needs analysis – by answering our initial questions we can save time later by ensuring you receive the knowledge in a sensible order and format to suit your business needs.  We will agree a scope of project with you so you know what you will be receiving, when and how much so you can decide how much to invest.


Navigating Relationships – if you use or are going to adopt a marketing strategy that relies on other people creating powerful and positive word of mouth to gain you prospects, it stands to reason that understanding people and how we can get the most out of our relationships will have a major impact on your results.  Everything DiSC® on line DISC profiles and valid information about how relationships work will help you to be the most productive you can be in your referral activities.


Referral Compass – A range of proven models designed to save you time and increase the number and quality of referrals you gain are simple to understand and simple to apply to your business.  The programme has been developed by Sarah Owen, best-selling author and recognised as one of Europe’s leading experts in referral marketing.  Sarah collaborates with a team of Consultants and Coaches with decades of experience working with businesses to improve their performance.   Working with DISCsimple using the refersimple product, gives you access to the right knowledge when you need it.   The content includes:

  • Create clear and pass-on-able messages so your WOM is clear and simple
  • Identify and grade your existing relationships and fill any gaps using the Referral Compass model
  • Consolidate your current networking and referral activities using Personal Referral Plan
  • Learn how to develop your relationships so that they produce results
  • Compose your personal referral plan
  • Use the step by step activities to implement your plan
  • Measure the results

A proven set of models and techniques will help you to create referrals from the most relevant sources including customers, suppliers, industry advocates and employees.

Creating Habits – regular, no nonsense accountability coaching to help you implement your Personal Referral Plan.

Reviews – measuring your success is important to you and us and provides a sounding board to ensure you are creating the future you have designed.

“A trusted referral is the holy grail of advertising.” Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook.




Each participant will save time and increase the number and quality of referrals they gain

Each candidate will write a personal referral plan

A thorough knowledge of how to select, recruit and develop a set of referral partner relationships

Use proven models which are simple to apply to any business

Receive support from Consultants who have grown their own businesses by referral

Be held to account to ensure the plan is implemented quickly

Use their own DISC profile to understand more about themselves and more about the people they are working with to generate referrals

The opportunity to access further DISC products at a reduced fee



The people responsible for selling in your organisation will gain more and better quality referrals!

Monthly Virtual Referral Lunch

This session is always on the first Tuesday of each month usually from 12:00 to 13:00 (or 13:30 if there is a guest speaker).

Learning, Doing and Networking both as a community and within small breakout sessions. Whether you are a refersimple client, would like to bring a guest or you are a guest, please register here


To help you implement your plan, tune into Tuesday@10 each Tuesday morning at 1000 (15 minute quick accountability call) and mix with businesses who have been implementing their plans for years.