Ryan Sheppard-Hughes

D Style (Doer)


Performance Improvement Plans and Strategies

Training The Trainer

Equality, Diversity, and Inclusivity: Professional Pronouns, Unconscious Bias, and LGBTQIA Elaboration

Culture Dynamics within Family Run Businesses

My profile and approach have been described authentic, direct, and tactful. I consciously use my knowledge of DISC Styles to better communication between colleagues and customers alike; ever-adapting and creating innovative ways to get the best results within these relationships.

How can I help you?
Remove stigma in the workplace

Honest conversations addressing our natural tendencies of bias

Bridge the gap between personal and professional inclusivity

Perspective changing questions lead to better outcomes

Training employees delivering training sessions to utilize the most of their abilities

How I work:
Colmers HR Solutions Limited recently transitioned into a solely remote working company; the pandemic highlighted the ease of working from home and is something we have established with our clients.

My previous experience within the Education Sector taught me how to effectively use questioning to get to outcomes that might not be reached otherwise; I ask the questions you need to be asked that others might not want to.

Interesting facts about me:
• Official Title: Lord Ryan Sheppard-Hughes
• Podcast Host: “Family Fun Business – The Podcast”
• Owner of a Jurassic Park themed tattoo