Sarah Owen

Sarah Owen has enjoyed a career spanning almost 20 years providing specialist referral marketing advice to thousands of clients.

She is recognised as one of Europe’s leading experts in this field and using a refined and simple approach helps businesses to fulfil their referral potential and gain more sales through personal recommendation.

In a career spanning three decades, Sarah has grown a client base as an employee in large global businesses along with starting and growing her own business in the UK by applying the knowledge with integrity.  Add to this her success working with thousands of business owners and executives, teaching them how to acquire clients by referral, her straight talking approach encompasses the technical knowledge required mixed with the real-life experience of applying the knowledge.

As a best-selling author, (The World’s Best Known Marketing Secret, which she co-authors with Dr Ivan Misner, recognised as a global thought leader in this topic), she has been embraced by thousands of professionals around the world for her in-depth knowledge of how to grow a business by referral.

Sarah says “I find that by helping people to achieve incredible success in their businesses they free up time and have more resource to do remarkable things outside of their businesses.”