By using a research-validated learning model this workshop provides a highly personalised learner experience.  Using a personalised profile for each person who sells within your organisation will receive in depth information, tips, strategies, live practice sessions and an action plan.

This interactive workshop with comprehensive handouts and the support of a DiSC specialist who is also a sales specialist with proven track record in both topics, will improve your sales results.

This is a face to face workshop which lasts from 4 hours to two days and will best suit a class size of about 10 candidates.


  • Each candidate will understand their own personal DISC style
  • A thorough knowledge of other styles and sales-specific information
  • The ability to spot buyer’s styles and use this knowledge to improve sales results
  • An understanding of what drives the behaviour of the buyer
  • Practical exercises to help you deal with any prospect
  • The opportunity to access further DISC products at a reduced fee
  • An action plan to implement after the session
  • The opportunity to use “real client/prospect” information
  • A “how to guide” about adapting your behaviour to suit the prospect



The people responsible for selling in your organisation will sell more!

This course can be sat as a “one off” with learning aids and an action plan created for your Sales Team to continue to implement their action plans or with a facilitated review session to offer guidance on what actually happens when you apply the knowledge.

It can also be a precursor to one to one training or the procurement of additional DISC reports including Comparison and Productive Conflict Reports.