Spot That C Style!
Jun 3, 2022
Spot the Considerer style

Did you manage to find your supporters last week? 

This marks the final blog in our style spotting series and focuses on the C style, our Considerers.  

We are made up of all four DISC behavioural styles, however, we have the tendency to lean more towards one particular style. We can identify someone’s preferred style by looking at their communication habits, including the way they email, text, and how they act and interact with others.  

C Style – Considerer Style

We are all a blend of every style; however, we tend lean more towards one style in particular. You can identify someone’s style from their communication, either by emails and texts or by their actions and interactions.

How do we spot a C style? 

C’s are steady-paced and task-oriented. They prioritise stability, accuracy & challenge.

disc model i style

Considerers prioritise detail above all else and will research as much as possible before making any decision. 

When sending emails, Considerers will provide as much information as they deem necessary to convey their point and will make sure they answer every question that they think you may ask. A C-style email will be professional but possibly may come across as lacking emotion. If they are inquiring about something, they will ask a lot of questions, and you need to make sure you answer all of them in detail and as accurately as possible – they will have already done their own research and will know if you’re lying. 

On social media, they will interact little with others. They are less likely to like a post, but their comments will most likely be a question or even something challenging to the post. They will prefer it if you share an article that is informative and useful to them, but take care to keep your interactions relevant – C styles don’t like to have their time wasted and sending them an article that does not address the topic will irritate them as they will read it.  

In person they will offer a short handshake, keeping interactions and physical contact to a minimum. They will dress smartly, in muted colours that do not make them stand out. C styles do not want to be the centre of attention, they would prefer one on one interaction over large crowds.  

Considerers dislike small talk and prefer communication that is informative and interactions where they can show off their research and prove that they are right. 

This blog was written by the immensely talented Joe (blogs) Quintana. Connect with him on LinkedIn

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