Spot That S Style!
May 27, 2022
Spotting the Supporter Style

I hope you all had fun finding I styles after last week’s blog.

In this blog, I am going to give you tips on how to spot an S style, the Supporters.  

To identify someone’s style you need to look at their communication, the way they email, text and how they act and interact with others. We are made up of all four styles, however, we tend to have our preferred behaviours.  

S Style – Supporter Style

We are all a blend of every style; however, we tend lean more towards one style in particular. You can identify someone’s style from their communication, either by emails and texts or by their actions and interactions.

How do we spot an S style? 

S’s are steady-paced and people-oriented. They prioritise collaboration, support & stability.

disc model i style

Supporters are steady-paced, and people-focused. They are patient, sociable, and want to make sure that everyone is happy.  

When sending an email, they will be professional, however, they will likely start off by asking how you are. If you have a connection or relationship with an S style already, they will remember what you have talked about and will likely show they care by asking about your family, your work, or any recent projects you have been doing.  

On social media, they will celebrate the achievements of their friends, colleagues, and clients. S styles will like, comment on, and share the posts of their connections and followers. They want to show their support, and if they know of an event you are hosting, they will share it to all their contacts.  

Although many of our interactions are online, nothing can compare to meeting someone in person, especially for an S style. When meeting, they will likely wait for you to make the first move, whether it is a handshake or a hug, either way, they will follow your lead. S styles will not be dressed too extravagantly. They will look smart and wear muted colours, preferring to let others stand out and shine over themselves.  

They will be kind and caring in their communication, always trying to give someone a compliment or a boost of confidence. They are strong listeners and will generally let others dominate a conversation. Supporter styles enjoy building strong relationships and connections with people. They are extremely loyal and show they care by putting others first. An S style person is, moreso than any other style, polite and courteous and value manners. 

See if you can spot any S styles this week – there are plenty of them around. According to statistics, there are more S styles in the world than any other style!

This blog was written by the immensely talented Joe (blogs) Quintana. Connect with him on LinkedIn

Keeping things simple in a complicated world.

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