Spot That i Style!
May 20, 2022
Spotting the styles - influencer

We meet new people in business all the time, and post-pandemic we have not been meeting as many people face to face. However, it is still important to be able to strike up relationships with others. Often our first encounter with people is over social media either Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram, we only get to see our online personas. We are masters of selling ourselves and many profiles lose their authenticity as we aim to portray a certain type of person and not necessarily our real selves.  

So how can DISC help us fast track a relationship when we aren’t always presented with the right information?  

This is the second in our series of blogs where we provide clues about who you are talking with. People shouldn’t be pigeonholed as we are all a blend and can display elements of every style. However, the DISC model can really help provide a guide and starting point to someone’s preferred working behaviours. and when we know that we can understand how we can adapt to improve our relationship with them.

I Style – Influencer Style

Did you spot a D Style after last week’s blog?

We are all a blend of every style; however, we tend lean more towards one style in particular. You can identify someone’s style from their communication, either by emails and texts or by their actions and interactions.

How do we spot an I style? 

i’s are fast-paced and people-oriented. They prioritise action, enthusiasm and collaboration.

disc model i style

I styles are enthusiastic and thrive on experience and fun.

Their emails will be professional; however, they will also include an introduction about the weather or what they got up to the last weekend. They share stories and want to build connections with people, although their emails can be slightly vague, and you may need some clarification.

On social media, I styles are very active, particularly those where they can include photos of an event or fun experience. Their interactions will be many and varied, they will include few words and will most likely have emojis.

Online interaction is never a substitute when compared to meeting in person. When you meet an I style they will go for a strong handshake, or maybe even a hug if you have been communicating for a while. They will be well dressed, possibly in bold colours and with wild accessories such as a scarf, a brooch, or even a bag.

They will speak enthusiastically and will use a lot of hand gestures. I styles are decisive and will take charge of a conversation, sometimes (not intentionally) speaking over others. They love to build strong relationships and will take interest in you personally as well as professionally, wanting to find some sort of common ground.

This blog was written by the immensely talented Joe (blogs) Quintana. Connect with him on LinkedIn

Keeping things simple in a complicated world.

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