Suzi Powell – DISCsimple Director of Client Relations

Suzi has 25 years of experience within the Customer Service Industry having worked in Health and Wellness management, sales, teaching, marketing and client retention.

She has a real understanding of the importance communication plays on relationships. She has always focused heavily on bringing teams of people together and on matching roles to individual’s strengths, to both increase productivity and create an effective and positive working environment.  Within DISCsimple has personally delivered more individual learner support sessions than any other member of the team.  She earns the informal title of “The Queen of Catalyst™” and is a treasured member of the of the DISChool Faculty, providing internal accreditations for our DISCiples and DISClients with a light touch but with impactful results for each learner she encounters.    

Suzi has a real passion for people and a drive to encourage and nurture individuals to identify their ability and potential to succeed. She is our Director of Client Relations and you can email her at or call on 01558 821123.