The Fine Art of Making Someone Hate You
May 6, 2022
The Fine Art of Making Someone Hate You

At DISCsimple we focus on teaching our DISCiples and clients how to use DISC Profiles to improve relationships and communication abilities, build teamwork, and increase productivity. DISC helps you identify your own natural style and how to adapt your behaviours around others who have a different style. However, we can also identify what attributes you may have that will cause someone in a certain style to hate you!

Last month, Sarah Owen and Thierry Mazué took over our Monday DISClive shows and demonstrated an exaggerated version of each DISC style really getting under the skin of each style (and under the skin of our guests!) This hilarious duo made for an uncomfortable experience as our DISC experts really showed they know what can make certain styles squirm. 

The reason we are sharing this information with you today is not to put you off from interacting with others ever again. We want to show you what NOT to do so that you can avoid irritating, annoying, or frustrating your colleagues and loved ones! 

D – Fast-paced, Task-oriented 

As you would expect, the attributes that offend a D style are those that are exact opposites of their priorities. Those people who like to take things at a slower pace. Someone who rambles or wants to go over everything again and again or starts telling irrelevant stories. D styles are focused on getting the job done and achieving high results, they don’t want to worry about or wait for other people and would much rather be left to do the job themselves.  

What really makes a D style grit their teeth is someone who doesn’t do what they are supposed to do or someone who doesn’t say what they mean. Provide them with the essential information and leave them to it! 

I – Fast-paced, People-focused

I styles are all about having fun, telling stories, and having experiences. Anything that they find dull, boring, or far too invested in detail will quickly put an I style off. They will lose all enthusiasm for a project and could easily get distracted by something else.  

You could also really upset an I style if they are left out. Not being invited to an event or party would really hurt an I style, and if you don’t like them, don’t tell them!  

S – Steady-paced, People-focused 

S styles really don’t like being overlooked. Feeling unappreciated or not even being given the opportunity to contribute to a meeting or conversation will really upset an S. If their success hasn’t been acknowledged and they are forced into confrontation, an S style will not be happy. Do not push an S into making a decision quickly, they like to take their time and make sure that their choice is what is best for everyone, not just themselves.

C – Steady-paced, Task-oriented 

C styles like things to be black and white, any blurring of lines can be frustrating for them. Rules are to be followed and do not like any sort of guessing or estimation. They will do the research and study every detail, and make sure you know the answer to their questions (they will most likely know if you don’t!). 

Never rush a C style or tell them that they are wrong. This is the fastest way that you will get on their bad side. They are extremely logical and do not react well when feelings are being expressed.

We all have bad habits and do things that people might not appreciate. Sometimes we are aware of our actions, at other times we are not, and we often behave in a way that we deem acceptable, however, we need to build a greater understanding of people and learn that not everyone will see or act in a situation the same way we do. If we understand how someone else may react, we can learn to adapt our behaviour and ensure that no one ends up hating anyone! 

This blog was written by the immensely talented Joe (blogs) Quintana. Connect with him on LinkedIn

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