The Importance of (Unshakable) Resilience
Aug 5, 2021
a person floating on a rubber ring with unshakable resilience

How would you rate your mental health right now? Good? Taking a beating? Needs work?
You wouldn’t be the only one if you said that your mental wellbeing was less than wonderful right now!

Over the last 18 months research shows that mental health challenges have increased over 30% due to coronavirus, and 20% of people have experienced depression. 

Building resilience, the ability to handle the unexpected, is key in today’s rapidly changing climate. 

Krishna Ruparelia, DISCsimple partner and founder of wellness consultancy Unshakable Resilience, has used her years of experience in psychology and the corporate world to create a wellbeing program to optimise the mental wellness of busy professionals. 
The program has been designed to help professionals manage their stress, learn how to respond to the uncertainty that we are currently going through and find tools to help them manage the impact that this inevitably has on their mental health. 

Krishna says “I like to think that resilience is bouncing back from the setbacks, trials, and tribulations that we go through. Things are very complex right now with workplace stress, blurred boundaries, the social disconnect, and the uncertainty surrounding the lack of job security. There is a constant need to adapt, and people are exhausted. That’s the bottom line.” 

We are delighted to announce that Krishna has partnered with DISCsimple to create resiliencesimple. A wellness program and toolkit using a proven set of models and techniques backed up by scientific theory, based around the DISC principles. The program has been carefully designed to: 

  • Tackle stress and build resilience  
  • Learn emotional intelligence strategies 
  • Impact mindset 
  • Build healthy habits 
  • Develop trust in your teams 
  • Improve leadership effectiveness 

Krishna loves everything about DISCsimple and uses DISC in her course to help create an awareness of how everyone is a blend of all four styles. This knowledge can be used to build connections with people, enhance teamwork, communication, and productivity. All of which contribute to a healthy mindset and a more resilient outlook.

“We talk about leadership agility; we talk about communication agility. Being able to adapt that style so that you can speak that person’s language and you can build up better relationships. So, within my programme, DISC theory is woven into all four modules.”  

The course follows 4 modules that encourage and empower “participants that attend to build up their resilience through the journey of a four-week period. It’s very consciously designed so that they’re creating certain mental habits, mindset habits that really help us to feel that we have the control.” 

I am a big fan of the DISCsimple team because of their simplicity, their transparency and the support they provide.”  

When asked what she gained from becoming a DISCsimple Disciple Krishna said: “I have found a network who is really supportive. Being an entrepreneur is quite lonely …. By having Sarah and her team regularly connected to me, I feel supported, and I can share my ideas with them and they’re so willing. They say, ‘yes this will work’ or ‘no this will not work’. I feel like it’s effortless communication because they are so transparent and open.” 

To find out more about resiliencesimple check out the new course on our Products page. 

Krishna Ruparelia is a DISCsimple partner, and Founder of Unshakable Resilience. If you are a people development expert, independent consultant or coach and would like to benefit from a like-minded and supportive network of people get in touch at to find out how you can become a partner. 

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