Top DISC Tips for Getting back to the Workplace: C Style
Oct 1, 2021
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Working from home has been a struggle for many who enjoy human interaction and need to bounce ideas off other people. However, for some, working from home has been a welcome improvement. Working from Home means that you are surrounded by your own things, in a clean, safe space, with more control over what you do and when. Only talking to others over a video call when it is necessary, and even then often with the camera switched off.

For these people, the return to the workplace is going to be tough, they have to leave their comfort zones and go back to the office. The uncertainty of what exactly will happen back in the workplace will be frustrating to a C style person. If processes and safety information are not clearly or logically explained and there is disorganisation, it will decrease productivity and some people will want to return to homeworking, finding it more efficient.  

To help people adjust to this return to work, DISCsimple’s Director of Client Relations, Suzi Powell, has come up with two top tips for C styles on returning to work.

C Style – the Considerers: steady paced and task-focused. 

Top Tip 1

C style people will probably be the most reluctant to return to the workplace. They will not be keen to dive back into physical meetings, so it is essential for you to make sure that physical or online presence is purposeful before inviting them. 

Top Tip 2

C Style people have put up with video calls for so long now, that maybe it is time to offer them the option to go back to a phone call, as they are typically more comfortable here. 

In these confusing times, where restrictions are lifted and people are returning to work, we must ensure that we are supporting each other. Gaining an understanding of everyone’s preferred working style will help you improve communication with each other, learn what people are comfortable with, and ultimately, drive productivity.    

As we say at DISCsimple: Rejoice in the differences!

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