Top DISC Tips for Getting back to the Workplace: D Style
Sep 10, 2021
Business Growth DISCiples

The last year has been a struggle for all, no one could have predicted COVID-19 or the impact that three lockdowns would have on businesses. As we slowly release restrictions and return to our places of work, we need to be supporting each other, making sure that everyone is comfortable and feeling safe.  

Suzi Powell (DISCsimple’s Director of Client Relations) has come up with two top tips for the D style on adjusting to our slow return back to normality.  

D style – the Doers: Fast-paced and Task Focused. 

Top Tip 1

The D styles have probably found the adjustment the easiest and are ready to get back into the thick of it. However, if you are a D, take a moment, check if everyone else is with you, slow down a little in case you have charged ahead and left some of your colleagues behind.  

Top Tip 2

D styles tend to have a short attention span and are eager to move on and get the job done. So, if you are inviting a D to a meeting, whether it is a face-to-face meet or virtual, make sure to keep it focused, short and snappy. Get the necessary information across without too much preamble.  

DISC is a tool that can help you improve communication and build better working relationships through understanding everyone’s preferred behavioural styles. This is now more vital than ever as we are making the first steps away from lockdown and towards beating the coronavirus. The future of business is uncertain, and only through working together will people come out on top. 

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