Top DISC Tips for Getting back to the Workplace: i Style
Sep 17, 2021
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COVID-19 has drastically changed how we all work, moving digitally far quicker than expected in some businesses, furloughing many team members, or starting to work from home, to name a few changes. Some people have adapted to the changes easily and got on with the job, however, for some the lack of interaction has been a struggle and not being able to have fun or communicate with their colleagues has really affected their productivity.  

In light of this, restrictions are beginning to lift and the journey back to the office is underway. People and the relationships we have with them are vital to how we work. Building those strong foundations and understanding how others may feel about this return to the workplace can help to ease this transition. DISCsimple’s Director of Client Relations, Suzi Powell has come up with two top tips for the I style on how they are adapting to this change. 

I Style – the Influencers: Fast-paced and People focused. 

Top Tip 1

If the I style is not present in the meeting room and are joining virtually. It is important to make sure that they are involved and being asked for their ideas, so they feel engaged.  

Top Tip 2

The I style love to talk and tell their stories. To make sure they don’t take up too much time, you must give them an indication of how long they have to talk, so that the meeting doesn’t turn into one long catch up.  

DISC will help you and your business build your working relationships and identifying others’ preferred working styles can improve communication. For more information on DISC come join us at our DISClive events to see how others are adapting to their return to work.  

As we say at DISCsimple: Rejoice in the differences!

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