Top DISC Tips for Getting back to the Workplace: S Style
Sep 24, 2021
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The coronavirus pandemic has changed many things in the world of business, with many companies having to put many employees on furlough, move their work online, and adapt to new situations that they’ve never had to face before. Some people have managed to easily cope with working from home, however, those that enjoy the company of others and are used to a certain way of doing things, have struggled to cope with these changes.  

The pandemic and lockdowns have been going on for over a year, people have finally adjusted to the changes forced upon us. However, now, as restrictions slowly lift and things are changing again, and we are having to adjust again to new work regulations, social distancing rules and the slow return to the office. 

DISC is a language with four different accents, everyone is a blend of all four accents, however, we all have our preferred style, our preferred working behaviours. Understanding your team’s preferred styles can help you know the best way to support each member and ensure they are comfortable and happy with the return to work. We have all survived this pandemic together and it is important to support each other as restrictions are lifted. To learn more about how each style reacts to the new rules and regulations join us at our DISClive events. 

Suzi Powell, DISCSimple’s Director of Client Relations, has come up with two tips for S style people who are finding it difficult to adapt to these new situations. 

S Style – the Supporters: steady paced and people-focused. 

Top Tip 1

Having just managed to get comfortable with virtual meetings, the S Styles now have to change again to meeting in person. Give them time to adjust and be patient with them. 

Top Tip 2

It is important to check in with them 1-1. Don’t overwhelm them with a million questions, seek out and try to understand how they are feeling and find out what you can do to help support them.  

As we say at DISCsimple: Rejoice in the differences!

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