Understanding Relationships at Work


This course is for anyone who is curious about how relationships in the workplace function and who wants to improve their own work relationships and, perhaps, help others to improve theirs.

We recognise that the primary factor which elevates a mediocre team into a great one is the quality of the relationships between the people in the team.  And between them and their colleagues, clients and other stakeholders.  And quality of relationships is dependent on insight and understanding of what’s going on.

Price £400+VAT.

If you are a DISCiple you can get this course for the incredible price of £250+VAT.

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The class consists of four 60 minute virtually delivered workshops during which you will learn:

  • What emotional intelligence is
  • Why understanding behavioural styles is necessary but not sufficient to productive work relationships
  • How our behaviour is determined by our feelings and beliefs
  • How relationships go through a sequence with definable stages
  • The bad things that can happen in work relationships
  • Why they happen
  • How we ‘sabotage’ our work relationships
  • How to reduce tension and be happier at work
  • More productive communication
  • Strategies for avoiding conflict
  • How to get unstuck and move on

The course will include:

  • The ‘Behaviour cycle’ model used in CBT
  • The ‘Stages of a relationship’ model [Susan Campbell and Chuck Spezzano]

The course is interactive, enabling delegates to share their own experiences and ideas, ask questions and challenge the trainer.  This is likely to result in the trainer introducing more material to address points raised by delegates.

The course will be run under Chatham House rules (ie, nothing said on the course may be repeated outside the course in a way that identifies anyone).  Delegates are under no pressure to share anything that they do not wish to share.

Facilitator: Jeremy Marchant

DISChool - Understanding Relationships at Work

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Jeremy Marchant is a business coach and personal counsellor who specialises in the interface between business life and personal life.  His favourite Zen saying is, ‘A person stands in their own shadow and wonders why it is dark’.  His course provides the illumination. Jeremy is a Partner of DISCsimple and he helps DISCiples deepen their understanding of psychology generally, so that they can work more effectively with clients and colleagues


Price £400+VAT.

If you are a DISCiple you can get this course for the incredible price of £250+VAT*



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