We’re all going on a DISC Summer holiday!
Jun 19, 2022
What If We Didn’t Have Any Emotional Intelligence?

Well not yet we aren’t – and not together – Sarah might throw one of our I styles overboard!

I hope you’ve all been enjoying some sunny weather with the arrival of Summer this year! COVID-19 seems like another lifetime. People are fast booking holidays to get away, slap a bit of suncream on, pour some sangria and have a well-earned break (we just won’t mention the airport queues and rail strikes!).

As friends and colleagues are talking about their exciting trips away, DISCsimple has noticed a pattern between our DISC styles and the kinds of holidays that we prefer. We have come up with a DIALLED-up version of what vacations each particular style favours – but it’s important that you don’t forget we are all a blend of every style, but we tend to lean more towards one of the four DISC accents, and this might show up in our getaway choices. 

D Style – Doers:

Those who fall into the D style love an all-inclusive holiday. This way they don’t have to deal with any faff or argue about making plans. They can choose a trip they like and book everything in one go. The more activities and events to choose from the better – as long as they are optional, after all you go on holiday to relax right?

What does a D want from a holiday?

They want relaxation on their terms – that might be doing absolutely nothing for 2 weeks or it might look a little different and have a different goal in mind.

DISC Summer Holidays D
DISC Summer Holidays I

I Style – Influencers:

These people like anything that can be exciting and fun. Seeing a live show or any event with audience participation will be the best form of entertainment and holiday for them. A local bar where there are frequent parties wouldn’t go amiss either.

What does an I style want from a holiday?

An I style prioritises fun and friends. They are the ones who chat to the people on the bus on the way to the hotel and more often than not will be so busy enjoying themselves they will need another holiday when they get home! You can almost guarantee that an I style won’t go to the same place twice. Every year will be a new country – sometimes more than one city in a holiday – novelty and excitement are the name of the game!

S Style – Supporters:

S styles will love a holiday where they can take part in group activities where they can work together with others to complete projects. A camping trip would be perfect for an S style as they can meet others on-site with a variety of facilities. They are able to work with people to put up tents and cook together.

What does an S style want from a holiday?

An S style wants to slow down a little, take stock and have time to spend with their loved ones. To be together, sharing and making memories that will last. I am sure there will be a few board games and lots of happy sighs! If an S style likes a place then you can be sure that they will return again and again sometimes for years at a time and maybe even requesting the same room!



DISC Summer Holidays S
DISC Summer Holidays C

C Style – Considerers:

The considerer style loves everything to be organised, so if a C style was to leave the certainty of their own home (or caravan!) a holiday with a strict itinerary and plan is perfect for them! Things like a cruise ship or a safari could be great for them as long as they can have privacy, and their own space and are not forced into any specific activity, especially if there is audience participation involved (unless it’s a quiz!). 

What does a C style want from a holiday?

Like the S style the C styles will also be glad of a slower pace of life but they will want to retreat from the world and keep their interactions with others to a minimum. The itinerary will have been carefully reviewed and honed so that there are no unwelcome surprises and if the unexpected did arise then a C style will likely have rather been home!

Have you booked a holiday yet? Does it fit with your style or do you prefer something completely different? Send us a holiday snap and tell us about your travels, we would love to hear about where you’ve been and what you’ve got planned! 

This blog was written by the immensely talented Joe (blogs) Quintana. Connect with him on LinkedIn

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