We’ll Show you Ours!
Apr 29, 2022

(…..first-quarter update!!) 

We hope you have had a great start to your year.  We have had an exciting first quarter and we wanted to share some news.  We are interested to know what you have done in the first quarter so drop us a line at discover@discsimple.com if you want to share too! 

We have two pillars to our business:  Associates (known affectionately as DISCiples) and retail clients (known affectionately as DISClients) and both have been beautifully demanding in the first quarter. 


Our DISCiples team continues to grow and we have welcomed ten more DISCiples with a range of specialisms who are using the DISC tool to help their clients in the workplace.

We launched an internal accreditation series of classes to support their needs as well as launching DISChool. This has proven to be a great support resource along with our monthly individual and group support to help DISCiples develop their DISC knowledge, design client projects, and deliver our own DISClient projects.   

As DISCiples come to us with varying levels of knowledge in DISC – we don’t force a learning journey on them – we simply listen to what they were asking for and create a diverse curriculum to help them in the areas they ask us to support them with.  The classes are modestly priced and subsidised by us to make sure that we don’t have a good value proposition for someone joining as a DISCiple to then insist they buy more and more “stuff”.  It wasn’t a marketing decision to launch DISChool, it was a client relationship decision to make sure that everyone has what they want and need.  There is a DISC Foundation Programme but also other classes covering a range of topics requested by the DISCiples.  So, if you use or want to use DISC with your clients come along to our free weekly live shows to meet us and see if we are the type of people you want to work with.  It couldn’t be simpler! 

We are looking forward to further expand our DISCiple network in the next quarter and we are always welcoming new and brilliant professionals! So, if you want to join or know someone who might come along to one of our DISClive shows, check us out and start a conversation (or even a DISCussion)! 


We won a tender to provide DISC tools for the ION project.  This is an amazing team and a great initiative provided by a local University which helps Welsh businesses develop leaders.  We are also working on a number of private sector projects, some expanding their use of DISC into their Global group of companies, and UK led initiatives.  We are proud to be a part of it.   

Over the last few months, we have worked with a range of projects for mid-sized and smaller UK based companies using DISC to help with onboarding; the current pressures on their management teams, leadership and decision making. We have also used DISC with clients when focusing on handling change; psych-safety; building trust and debating ideas; as well as helping teams that want to work more cohesively together. Furthermore, it is a great tool for staff retention and attracting the right talented people; focusing on diversity, equity and inclusion; engagement; sales and developing better relationships both internally and externally with their business stakeholders.   

As our business grows, we have added to our Mothership Team to support the expansion.  We have appointed 2 Interns, both Masters Graduates who have been learning and working with us until they find their dream positions!  Our goal is to provide a flexible and interesting working environment for Interns for an interim period and to provide them with workplace experience and add to their own personal development along with niche work in areas which interest them. If you have a Masters graduate adult child and feel that some experience in a diverse and interesting workplace would benefit them, encourage them to speak to us.   

We have also appointed a new Senior Team position of Director of Corporate Relationships. 

One of our DISCiples has filled this role and is a great addition to our team.  Joe Constant is an accomplished coach and business person in his own right and we were thrilled when he saw how hard the engines of the Mothership were reaching warp speeds, that he asked if he could help and add some value of his own!  He is finding and managing our Retail client base.  With a deep understanding of business, people’s challenges and how adults learn, he has fitted in perfectly!  So, the Mothership is cruising at a stable warp speed now as we approach the second quarter.  

Joe has been helping business leaders reach their personal and business goals since 2001. Joe’s passion and coaching methodology focus on a combination of developing the self-awareness of the leader together with practical steps on creating a culture within the organisation for greater engagement and inclusion for all employees. He works with executives, small business owners, and entrepreneurs.

Joe is going to be hosting a new live show DISClive Corp Show. A themed 60-minute show focused on the client’s teams who want to find out more about using DISC in the business setting.  Watch this space for more information!


Keeping things simple in a complicated world.

To learn more about the DISC tool and how you can learn to identify different DISC styles. Come along to one of our free lunchtime sessions. They are full of powerful insight into the world of Everything DiSC® (part of the Wiley group) and in just 30 minutes you will learn something! We run a learning session every Monday and a Pro session for professionals already working with DISC every other Thursday.

If you are a people development expert, independent consultant or coach and would like to benefit from a like-minded and supportive network of people get in touch at discover@discsimple.com to find out how you can become a partner.