What DISC style is Santa?
Dec 24, 2021
Business Growth DISCiples

Do you ever wonder what DISC style Santa may be? 

Well, we at DISCsimple have answered the question!  

We have worked out what good ol’ St Nick would be like if he was each style: 


If Father Christmas was a D style he’d stick to his naughty and nice lists! If you’ve misbehaved this year don’t expect anything from D style Santa – you won’t change his mind, you will get coal or nothing.  

However, he’d also know his route and will get the job done. He has his target and end objective that he always reaches every year ensuring that every kid is happy! What’s more is that a D style Santa would go above and beyond to guarantee that he beats the previous year’s result of happy children! 

He’d delegate roles out to his helpful elf assistants and his reindeers would be ready to go as soon as Christmas Day comes. 


I style Santa’s favourite part of his job would be eating the mince pies and drinking the glass of brandy (or whatever has been left out for him depending on the family he’s visiting). Whatever he’s doing he’d be having fun!  

An I style Santa would get very distracted by trying to have a good time, trying to entertain his elves in his workshop that it’s possible not all the presents would get finished in time. He’d distract his elf helpers by regaling them with stories of Christmases past as well as guaranteeing that Rudolph’s nose would shine as bright as possible. 

If he manages to get the job done, every child will get something special and be entertained by their presents. You’d hear I style Santa ‘Ho ho ho-ing’ from miles away! 


S style Santa feels honoured to have such a special job! He’d work extremely hard to ensure that every child gets something amazing for Christmas. He’s determined to do his best and will probably provide extra presents to everyone.  

An S style Santa would be sure to help his elves in the workshop, probably taking on the majority of the work load himself. When making his naughty and nice lists, he’d try to find any reason to put as many kids as possible on the nice list, just so they could have as good a Christmas as everyone else, making sure that everyone has the right gift for them. 

After the job is done, S style Santa will most likely gather his elves and thank them for all their hard work to help make Christmas day a success! He’d probably also provide extra carrots and treats for Rudolph and the other reindeers to thank them, too. 


C style Santa would definitely have a plan! He’d plot the most efficient journey so that he could deliver every child’s present as quickly as possible. C styles would spend their years between Christmas’ planning and researching new routes that could possibly be even more effective than the year before.  

They’d run a tight workshop, ensuring that every elf is working in an area that is best suited to them! C style Santa’s would make sure that everything is running smoothly, and any possible problem will be solved and sorted out immediately. 

A long list of tasks would have been prepared and ticked off as the special day gets closer. All gifts will be perfectly wrapped with neatly printed labels (always placed on the right package!) There will be no mix-ups and every child will get their presents on time!  

What we have come to realise at DISCsimple is that Santa cannot simply be assigned one DISC style. He will have the organisation of a C style, he will embrace the fun side of Christmas like an I, he will always reach his targets like a D, and Father Christmas would guarantee every child gets something nice under their tree like an S. He is the perfect blend of all four styles and will always ensure that everyone has an amazing day!