What Do Last Year’s Winners Tell Us About One Good Turn…?
Jan 4, 2022
Business Growth DISCiples

Our last two blogs contained interviews with last years One Good Turn winners and from the horse’s mouth, we can see how they felt winning the competition and how DISCsimple and hgkc have helped them in the past year. 

So what did we learn? 

Both ZiaBia (an events consultancy and winner of our Survive and Thrive prize), and Mrs Potts Chocolate House (winner of our Supercharge Your Team prize), both expressed excitement and shock at winning One Good Turn. Neither business expected to win and after the effects of COVID-19 had lots they want to achieve.  

The prizes came at the right time for both companies and they found it extremely useful after the turbulent and uncertain year before. Vicky Gardner, director of ZiaBia, and Michael Potts, Director of Mrs Potts Chocolate House, had both used other behavioural tools similar to DISC before entering the competition. However, neither business had used DISCsimple or the Catalyst platform.  

They told us that their experience with DISC was like none they had before, it was simple and easy to use and took the tool to another level. Not only did DISC integrate all their colleagues, but the Catalyst platform also allowed everyone to see everybody’s profile and understand how they all saw things from a different perspective. This helped to improve communication and provided an insight into how each member of their business wanted to hear things. Michael said it was particularly useful to him when working with staff who had completely different profiles, and Vicky has said that they had just hired a new person and look forward to seeing what their profile is going to be like. Michael further stated that DISC had helped him see how he needs someone of every style to bring something different and balance his business.  

Both winners built strong relationships with hgkc and DISCsimple and agreed that to work well and get the most you can from the prizes they need to have an open mind. Both Vicky and Michael said that it is important to listen to the feedback and do the work. If you don’t put in the effort, you will not see the results you want to see. DISCsimple and hgkc are there to guide you, do the homework and you will see a huge difference in your business.  

You’ve read it here, if you want to watch our interviews have a look at our blog page.  

To benefit like ZiaBia and Mrs Potts Chocolate House has, apply now! You haven’t got long left to complete your application and you’ve got nothing to lose! 

It is very simple to enter:

Complete our 1-page business plan template and tell us in 250 words your vision for the future and why you deserve to win. Please use our template so that it’s a level playing field for everyone and ensures we score each plan fairly, but if you want to provide additional documents, please feel free to do so. You can record your 250 words as a video, a sound file or simply write them as a document – it is your choice.

The competition is now open, and the deadline for entries is January 14th, 2022. We will judge and announce the winners at an awards ceremony on January 28th, with prizes on offer starting in February.

Send your application to hello@hgkc.co.uk by midnight January 14th 2022. Please be sure to include your contact details.

By entering, you agree to hgkc and DISCsimple following up by email or telephone to discuss your entry and – if you do not win – our services.

We hope to hear from you and look forward to reading your brilliant business plans and applications!