Who is your Sales Team?
Oct 31, 2021
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Who in your company is the sales team? Is it just those that are actually on the sales team or does selling stretch to more than the product or service that you provide?

Whenever you meet someone new, one of the first questions that you are asked is ‘What do you do?’ or ‘Where do you work?’. If your employees, colleagues, suppliers, contractors all get asked this question – what would you want them to say? 

Don’t you want them to be enthusiastic and passionate about their job? So, when they are explaining to people their work, they are excited and love to talk about what your business does, what you sell and that they find true happiness from going to work. 

To get to this point in your business you need to make your team feel motivated and heard. They need to feel valued and the more they feel that they are appreciated the more likely they are to promote and be loyal to your company. To do this you need to focus on three things: 

1- Company culture

The beliefs and values of you and your business matter. The attitude you have and goals you are aiming towards will define your company to your staff and customers. 

2 – Communication

Being able to communicate clearly with your team does wonders for a business. Not only by clearly defining what you are wanting and expecting from them but also genuinely listening to their needs, wants, and ideas will help create a happy working environment. 

3 – Teamwork

This is essential for any business to work. Healthy teamwork shows that you trust and support your staff. They will feel respected and trust and support you in return. 

If your business has mastered these key components, then your team have a better chance of being happy. A happy staff member is more likely to promote and celebrate your business which will lead to happier customers and happier customers will leave to more support and loyalty that will help you find more customers.  

So, to answer the question, who is your sales team? It is everyone and to guarantee that you can reach your targets and get as many sales as possible you need to ensure that your business has a positive work environment, reflected in what you do and how you interact with your team and customers. 

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