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We provide on line DISC assessments and face to face or telephone support.  You decide on the best delivery to suit your needs and budget.

We are specialists in DISC, a behavioural styles tool recognised globally to improve Communication, Teamwork and Productivity.

Along with the full range of online Everything DiSC products used to transform organisations by helping to understand people, we are able to provide specialist delivery in a range of business specialisms which incorporate the use of DISC including:
Public speaking; Written communication; Referral marketing; Selling; Presenting ideas; Business Growth; Leadership; HR; Meeting facilitation; Ideation (gathering, recording and evaluating ideas); Business planning and strategy

Sarah Owen

Sarah Owen

Founder & Director

Sarah helps people to learn and use the language of DISC using a very simple approach. Over the last twenty years, Sarah has worked with thousands of business owners and executives to improve communication, teamwork and productivity.

As a best-selling author, she’s been embraced by thousands of professionals around the world for her in-depth knowledge of how behaviour can impact business relationships.

Suzi Powell

Suzi Powell

Director of Client Relations

Suzi has 25 years of experience within the Customer Service Industry having worked in Health and Wellness management, sales, teaching, marketing and client retention.

She has a real understanding of the importance communication plays on relationships. She has always focused heavily on bringing teams of people together and on matching roles to individual’s strengths, to both increase productivity and create an effective and positive working environment.

Suzi has a real passion for people and a drive to encourage and nurture individuals to identify their ability and potential to succeed.

Joe Constant

Joe Constant

Director of Corporate Relations

Joe Constant is an experienced behavioural coach who has been helping business leaders reach their personal and business goals since 2001. Joe’s passion and coaching methodology focuses on a combination of developing the self-awareness of the leader together with practical steps on creating a culture within the organisation for greater engagement and inclusion for all employees. He works with executives, small business owners, and entrepreneurs.

Joe hosts our new monthly live sessions for clients wanting to use DISC in their teams. If you have a team that could flourish with some DISC insight then get in touch: joe@discsimple.com

Chris Sheppard

Chris Sheppard

Director of HR

Chris has had a long and successful career in HR, working most recently as a business owner of her own HR Consultancy, and is now our extremely approachable HR Director!  She has extensive experience in using the DISC tools and has worked with DISCsimple since the company was founded, so it seemed natural to appoint her as our own Director of HR.

* If you are interested in working with DISCsimple we are expanding quickly.  Please email discover@DISCsimple.com and Chris will get in contact with you.

Cath Rees

Cath Rees

Operations Director

Cath has spent over 15 years at Director level in corporate organisations in wide ranging operational and process design roles.  She has managed field operations, contact centres and HQ departments, and has led large scale projects from inception to completion.

She is passionate about delivering great Customer service both internally and externally and in this pivotal role leads our Mothership operations providing the backbone to DISCsimple’s strategic development and continued success.

Kim Jones

Kim Jones

Director of Strategy

Kim has enjoyed a long and successful career as a Strategic Advisor. She is an award-winning mentor and focuses on enabling our team to deliver strategic change through innovation.

Kim’s determined and intelligent approach is key to our business success and therefore the success of our clients.

Nick Jeffries-Owen

Nick Jeffries-Owen


Nick has joined us temporarily in an administrative role supporting Suzi and is taking on various behind the scenes projects. 

Nick has recently completed his Masters in Medical Ethics and Law and is seeking a role where he can affect Policy Change in the area of Mental Health. 

If you think that you, or someone that you know might have a role that suits him please don’t hesitate to get in touch with him directly or on LinkedIn.

E: disco@discsimple.com

Tel: 01558 821 123

Alex John

Alex John


Alex has joined us as an intern and is going to be working alongside the HQ team, behind the scenes gaining insight into the organisation and managing various projects.

A recent university graduate with a master’s degree in Business Management, Alex believes in making the most of any opportunities that come her way and is excited to expand on the business skills she’s learnt and put them into practice.

Alex is passionate about working with people in a team-focused culture, with opportunities to develop more leadership skills. Professional development is something that’s really important to Alex, she’s looking for a position where she can grow and will be looking to take on managerial responsibility in the future.

If you would like to find out more about Alex’s ambitions or think that you might have a role that would suit her please do drop her a line!

E: randb@discsimple.com

Tel: 01558 821 123

People who help us behind the scenes

Access Admin

Access Admin answer our phones when we are otherwise engaged!

Absolutely PC

Absolutely PC helps us to call on our inner C for all things tech

Caleb Evans

Caleb Evans at Epicfox keeps things simple on our website

Dave Inglis

Dave Inglis creates all our animated videos and keeps us on the move

Paul Macro

Paul Macro Photography provides all our website imagery and creates everything in the four colours of DiSC

Joe Quintana

Joe Quintana (or Joe Blogs as he is often known!) writes our blogs and content and makes sure that our grammar is on point!

Steph Rickaby

Steph Rickaby Sunflower Accounts helps us with our maths homework

Liz Walder

Communication Crossroads and Liz Walder helps us to behave well on social media

Emma Campbell

Emma Campbell is our marketing coordinator and is responsible for making sure that we don’t miss out on some great opportunities on LinkedIn!

Excellent (10/10)

   What Our Clients Say

Thanks to you guys for your super service!

Rated 4 out of 5
16th December 2022

We have been using DISCsimple for both our Recruitment arm as well as for our Coaching. The need for swiftly receiving a DISC/EQ profile report into our hands is crucial for our customers needs and the work that we do with them. Alex and Suzi have been brilliant in facilitating this for us. Thanks for this great service (and the profile reports have been excellent too!).

Neil Osment

Supportive network who are transparent and delightful to work with

Rated 5 out of 5
10th August 2021

I met Sarah Owen when I was considering setting up my own wellness consultancy, Unshakable Resilience and signed up quickly in becoming a DISC partner. I had some understanding of these communication tools so I knew what I had signed up for. Learning DISC has the power to help with team communication, engagement, collaboration and cultural transition. However this company is such a breath of fresh air to work with. Straightforward, clear and simple. They are transparent and supportive and really wrap their arms around giving you the tools so you can utilise them in the best way possible for your clients. Being an entrepreneur can be a tough and lonely journey but it’s so reassuring to know there are team members who I can call upon when I get stuck.

Thank you to the DISC team for your continuing partnership and support.

Much appreciated

Krish 🙂


Supportive and Engaging

Rated 5 out of 5
10th May 2021

Disc is a tool.

DiscSimple is a company.

The Team of Sarah, Em and Suzi bring the vision to life.

Engaging, friendly and supportive with a passionate desire and zeal to help associates develop their businesses in a strategic manner , with an emphasis on the quality of the customer experience.

Nice people to do business with!

Anthony Munday