Working With Man’s Best Friend
Aug 26, 2021
4 canine comapanions for international dog day

The past 18 months have seen dramatic changes in our day to day lives, adjusting to working from home and social distancing. We have been living, working and breathing in the same space, juggling work children and partners like never before. But who is by our sides the entire time, and loving every minute of it? Our wonderful pets. 

In honour of International Dog Day on the 26th of August, we at DISCsimple have decided to dedicate this blog to our lockdown companions. To celebrate their ability to know exactly the right time to bark, to let us know when it’s time to take a break with a (not so) gentle paw. Comforting us after a tough meeting and celebrating with us when we seal a deal. 

How many of us have seen someone’s dog interrupt a call by walking into the room? Or barking at the postman.  

They’ve been there every step of the pandemic, enjoying that we don’t have to leave to go to work anymore. More tail wagging, fewer dogs barking. 

What is your dog’s DISC Style?

We think that dogs can have their own DISC style, we’ve selected four of our favourites:

D – Rottweilers – A dominant breed that is confident to act on its own.   

i – Spaniels – Outgoing and playful dogs.   

S – Labrador – Gentle and even-tempered dogs who are supportive to their family.  

C – Greyhound – Intelligent, quiet, and independent dogs.   

What style do you think your dog is?
The DISC Styles of dogs

Dogs are great companions during a tough time, they will support you and are pros at communication and teamwork. Having a dog around whilst working has also been proven to boost morale, increase productivity, improve communication, increase employee retention, impact mental health and encourage healthy habits.

Our friends at Vetoquinol had this to say: “Like humans, dogs and cats have their own traits and personalities that we grow to love and have been our dear companions through the pandemic, however, these characteristics may change as we return to more normal life and our pets are faced with unusual situations like being left alone. It’s important to keep an eye out for changes in their behaviours and if concerned speak to your vet.” 

Whether you are WFH or in the office we think that a dog-friendly office is the way forward!

To learn more about the DISC tool and how you can learn to identify different DISC styles. Come along to one of our free lunchtime sessions. They are full of powerful insight into the world of Everything DiSC® (part of the Wiley group) and in just 30 minutes you will learn something! We run a learning session every Monday and a Pro session for professionals already working with DISC every other Thursday. Bring your dog along but please ask them not to bark!