It wasn’t our fault – we had to expand!

After specialising in the use of DISC as a business tool over the last 20 years I noticed something important.

DISC is a simple topic which has very complex grounding and there is a tendency to take that complexity into the workplace when using the tool.  Businesses tend to use the tool to develop the knowledge of a few – often the leaders – and the rest of their teams are left in the dark, a decision often driven by learning and development budgets.  DISC is a tool which helps individuals to understand more about themselves and to maximise the value of the relationships they have with others, so it stands to reason to include everyone in the knowledge.

The other thing I noticed was that businesses were driven to either use free or inexpensive profiling from the internet, not always the most accurate, or they invested heavily in complicated solutions which whilst delivered by experts took time and a used a lot of budget.

So, the first step we took at DISCsimple was to use the highly researched and world class products of Everything DiSC® (part of the global Wiley Publishing Group) and put the knowledge in a simple format which can easily be distributed within an organisation at a reasonable cost.

It takes an individual around 15 to 20 minutes to complete the on line profile and let’s say another 10 to first time read the report.  At DISCsimple we provide the profiles with a 30 minute support call to answer any questions and to help the participant to embed the knowledge and also learn how to use the information in the report in the future.  Hence our boast that in one hour and for around £100 per person big, transformational shifts can happen in the workplace.

When our clients started to see the impact of this tool in their businesses, they started asking us for help with a range of problems in their organisations.

DISCsimple were agile to meet the needs of our clients and we formed partnerships with experts in other fields where DISC can be bolted on as a tool to improve the clients’ results and solve their problems faster.

As the Founder of DISCsimple I have my own specialism.  I use DISC as a tool to enhance the results of clients to grow by referral in the refersimple programme.  I am pleased to announce that we have extended the range of products based on common problems that successful companies experience.   I am excited to announce the launch of hrsimple, sellsimple and presentsimple.  Further products have already been tested over the last three years and are due to launch in September.

Our commitment at DISCsimple is to keep things simple in an otherwise complicated world and you can find more information to see if these products are a good fit for your business at  We look forward to seeing if these products are a good fit for your business.