Kat Derbyshire

C Style (Considerer)

Kat Derbyshire

HR specialist

HR Consultant

My approach is described by my clients as considered, thorough and informative. I take the time to help others truly grasp the principles we are working on so they can get the maximum impact from the time we spend together. I am a HR specialist and consultant – I work closely with businesses focussing on “all things people”. I understand how important it is for businesses to both attract and retain the best people and I love helping businesses put in place great ways of working with the aim of creating positive and productive teams and workplaces.

How can I help you?

I help businesses take a proactive approach to deal with their people. Working together to create positive working relationships, often leads to far less time, money and energy being spent on the reactive side of HR and people such as formal processes like grievances and disciplinaries …..I can help with those too but I genuinely believe it’s a far more positive experience for everyone involved to take the more proactive approach!

I can help businesses increase levels of employee engagement and maximise productivity using DISC as the basis – it all starts by helping individuals understand their own DISC style, then supporting teams to understand the styles of each other coming from a place where no style is better or worse than the other – just different! Teams can work better together when everyone has a good understanding of where others are coming from so that everyone feels valued for the contribution they bring.

How I work:
I work on a consultancy basis with businesses, either in person or remotely to suit your needs.

Interesting Facts about me:
I love my exercise, my favourites being Les Mills body combat and a good spin class – Great for body and mind!

My favourite place in the world is Rovinj in Croatia – I go as often as I can for holidays and it’s where I married my husband.


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