Our DISCiples Summer Love-In: Wellbeing
Sep 3, 2021
Business Growth DISCiples

It is becoming widely recognised that building resilience and maintaining wellbeing is a critical aspect of building company culture. This is particularly important after the last year with many people having to adapt to dramatic lifestyle changes.  The pandemic and the impact that it has had on our day-to-day life has forced many people having to adapt to dramatic lifestyle changes.  The pandemic and the impact that it has had on our day-to-day life has forced many to look inwards for some inner strength. Building emotional intelligence, the ability to understand, use and manage your own emotions positively in order to relieve stress has become a necessity. Emotional intelligence will help you be able to communicate effectively, build empathy, overcome challenges, and diffuse conflict.  

DISC and Agile EQ helps us build connections with people. By identifying someone’s behaviour and working style we can build an understanding of why they make certain choices. Using DISC in this way will help build communication between employees and leaders, creating a stronger teamship which ultimately increases productivity. By impacting an organisations culture so that it becomes a safer, happier, and stress-free place you can directly impact the people that you work with and your clients in a positive way.  

Our DISCiples who operate in the wellbeing space use DISC to help their clients build resilience and emotional intelligence in the office. 

Simon Calderbank helps business leaders and their teams remain motivated and resilient through his company Big Knows where he runs online Growth Mindset workshops. “DISC is a brilliant tool that enables people to understand their own behaviours, strengths, and weaknesses. The addition of Agile EQ underpins the need to shift your mindset and encourages stretch. I use it to help my clients become their best self and DISC teaches them how to nurture powerful and positive relationships with others.” 

Chris Barton is a Life Changing Coach (Death Doula/Transition Coach) at his company The Life Specialist. He Specialises in Helping HRD’s in Supporting Grief, Loss and Significant Change in the Workplace as well as in the home. He helps business people to build relationships through workshops that help improve communication skills, teamwork, staff retention, and productivity. “I use DISC to support my clients to improve their wellbeing and mental health. My workshops help people alter their behaviours which in turn can change the outcomes of life, ultimately resulting in achieving more of their goals.” 

Unshakable Resilience founder Krishna Ruparelia has worked closely with DISCsimple to create the resiliencesimple course. The resiliencesimple programme helps you to develop the skills to tackle stress, sustain your peak performance and take back the control from stress to success. “I love everything about DISC. It is simple and easy to apply and helps us become aware of our own way of communicating with others. Building an awareness that we all have our own unique styles really helps when it comes to building relationships and improving our resilience. It’s great to be able to see clients making a shift once they learn how to apply DISC principles, I have seen clients move from a point of frustration to a point of working with difference.” 

Luke Menzies, founder and director of Menzies Law, works as a specialist employment lawyer as well as an executive and business coach. He helps busy and pressured leaders develop a stress-free work/life balance increasing their emotional intelligence. “DISC is an effective tool used to help clients gain insight into themselves and their own working habits. I use this awareness to maximise on their potential, improving not only their work life but their personal lives too.” 

Jeremy Marchant, owner of emotional intelligence at work, a long-standing friend of DISCsimple, assists business people to improve their working relationships. “I find that using DISC allows people to discover things about themselves that they may not have been aware of. They can then use this understanding to alter the way they interact with others and ultimately helps increase productivity reducing stress in the workplace.”  


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