May 20, 2021

I asked Sarah Owen (DISCsimple founder) her thoughts on how the importance of working as a team, as a cohesive unit, is crucial to keeping your company afloat. If you and your people are unable to work together successfully, it will affect how clients view your business as it can damage the way you produce and sell your products and services. Don’t let your business sink – everyone is important in achieving your company goals.

On board your business vessel there are many different job roles that keep the engine running. In your company you can rely on the structure of leadership and followship, however, one day you may need to learn and assume different roles and tasks outside your usual job descriptions. This is of vital importance when looking at how we interact with others; the relationships we build will influence how strong a team you have. If your manager or boss is on leave, taking a sick day or out of the office, you need to be able to work together to get the job done. Someone may need to step up and take charge. To do this you need to be respectful and understanding of your colleagues. Knowing your team’s preferred working habits will allow you to effectively lead them and help you produce work of the highest quality. On the other hand some leaders may need to take a step back, let their employees take charge. In this scenario, leaders need to help support their people in way that is perfect for them. Understanding what motivates them and the best way of building their confidence will allow them to take on more responsibility.

We at DISCsimple have developed a language tailored to help understand your team’s preferred working styles and can show you what you need to do to create a better working relationship that will keep your company above water.

For more information check out our DISCdemo where you can learn how to use our platform to help improve your business’ teamship.